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Advantages Of The Inverter Generator

Generators are generally considered to be loud and bulky electrical devices. But a new invention, called the Inverter Generator has changed the conventional concept of generators. Being smaller, lightweight and a lot quieter than a traditional generator, the Inverter Generator is the latest technological invention available in the market.


It works in three stages. Firstly, the generator produces multi phase alternating current (AC). Then this AC current is converted into direct current (DC), with the help of a microprocessor. Finally, this DC current is again converted into AC by the inverter for application purposes. Thus, it eliminates the power fluctuations that generally occur in-case of conventional generators.

Inverter Generators have the ability to adjust it's speed according to the electrical demand required. Hence, its efficiency and fuel consumption is significantly optimized. As a result, we get a compact device, which is basically a generator with a built-in inverter, having increased performance.


Here are some of the benefits of using an Inverter Generator over the traditional ones:

1. Energy Efficient

The fuel efficiency of an Inverter Generator is comparatively higher than that of a traditional generator. This is obtained by the result of the functioning of micro processors which detect the required load and adjusts the engine speed accordingly, to provide the efficient supply of energy. This innovation can reduce the fuel consumption of the generators with up to 40%. Whereas, in-case of traditional generators, the engine speed is constant which generates maximum energy all the time.

2. Safe Output

The electrical output produced by the Inverter Generator is safe to be used for sensitive electrical devices. The technology they use enables them to produce distortion free electricity as opposed to traditional generators which produce fluctuating output. As a result, we get an output which is free from irregularities and can be used for charging devices like laptops and mobile phones.

3. Quiet Operation

The noise which traditional generators produce is the main reason why they are undesirable these days. On the other hand, the speed regulating feature of Inverter Generator reduces that unwanted noise and gives a comparatively quieter operation.

4. Compact and Lightweight Design

Another reason why the traditional generators are not preferred is that because they are very bulky and heavy. But using an Inverter Generator instead of a traditional one is a lot easier as they are comparatively smaller in size, and very light weight. So they come in handy when you are on a move.

5. Less Maintenance

The traditional generators need constant refueling and at least one compulsory start up in every 30 days. Their carburetor may run dry if they are not in use for a long period of time. But in-case of Inverter Generator, no such maintenance is required. They just need an annual battery check-up.


So if you are looking for a new generator, consider the above factors while buying. The Inverter Generators might be a bit expensive to purchase, but their operational cost is very low as compared to the conventional generators. An Inverter Generator is worth the price, considering its added benefits over a traditional generator.

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